Window Well Covers

Let Light In, Keep Debris and Animals Out.

Designed with safety in mind, Wellcraft’s egress window well covers allow homeowners to easily escape in an emergency, while protecting children and animals from accidentally falling in.
  • Crystal-clear UV-inhibited polycarbonate provides natural light to basement
  • Eliminates constant cleaning
  • Easily opens from both the inside and outside
  • Lightweight
  • Four-point hook-and-loop system fastens covers in place
  • Fasteners can withstand 50 mph gusts and be easily removed by firefighters

Polycarbonate Flat Well Covers

Flat window well covers lay low to the ground so they blend into a home’s exterior environment. Flat covers safely hold up to 500 pounds.

 Item #WidthDepthHeightWeight
2062 polycarbonate flat cover#02062090247.5”43”6”9 lbs
5600 polycarbonate flat cover#05600096058”44.5”6”11 lbs
2060 polycarbonate flat cover#02060090275”46”6.5”15 lbs
6700 polycarbonate flat cover#06700090275.5”58”6.5”17 lbs

Wellcraft Polycarbonate Dome Well Cover

Dome window well covers are used when a window extends above grade or if a well is installed on an existing window to ensure safety. Dome covers safely hold up to 350 pounds
Item # Width Depth Height Weight
5600 dome polycarbonate cover #056000918 59” 44” Outside 22.5” Inside 18” 46 lbs